Buy Rose Bouquets Online with Free Delivery Across HK


Rose bouquet is a classic symbol of love. Whether it’s for anniversaries, birthdays, engagement, Valentines’ Day, or simply a day you want your love to remember, the M Florist rose bouquet is the most classic and elegant gift that will capture the heart of your special one.


At M FLORIST, we source the best seasonal roses from all over the world to make the most perfect bouquets that impress.  All our roses are imported and come in a variety of colors for different occasions and messaging. Red roses, symbolizing beauty and perfection, are your trusted messengers to say “I love you”. Pink roses are an elegant token of admiration for a close friend or someone who holds an important place in your heart. Purple roses represent love at first sight, telling of the deep chemistry and connection you feel with the special one.


If these colors are too conventional for you, try the more adventurous palates: ocean blue roses which send wishes of a prosperous, ever-lasting relationship; or black roses that signify exciting ventures into a brand new chapter of life.


Make it a special day for your beloved one today with a M FLORIST rose bouquets. All of M FLORIST flower bouquets are delivered free of charge throughout Hong Kong (except very remote places).


Questions? Our friendly staff team at M FLORIST are always here to help! We’ll answer any questions you have.