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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies

Anyone who has been in love knows that the Greek philosopher described the whirlwind feelings of that wonderful experience absolutely perfectly. Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to express your love.

Love Begins – the Origins of Valentine’s Day

The origins of Valentine’s Day itself are not entirely clear. However, we do know the source of the name – it was a Christian monk or priest named Saint Valentine. That is where the certainties end; there are actually three separate Saint Valentines recognised by the Church!

Each of the three saints has a story intimately associated with gallantry, heroism and, most essentially, romanticism. One was a priest who married couples in secret at a time when it was discouraged so that the single men could be sent off to war. Another Saint Valentine was imprisoned and fell in love with his jailor’s daughter. He signed off on his letters to her with “From your Valentine”. (Sound familiar?)

The first Valentine’s Day commemorations by the Church were associated with the passing of one of these saints. The actual celebrations of February 14 far precede Christianity, though, and originated with the pagan traditions of ancient Rome. The Romans held a fertility festival on February 15 and the day culminated in a ceremony that paired off the young men and women of the city. Either way, love has been the central theme of the middle of February for thousands of years. That in itself is an amazing fact.

Love Blooms – Valentine’s Day, an International Celebration

All the Romans and all three Saint Valentines would probably be pleasantly surprised at how we have embraced their traditions with open arms. Here are some amazing facts and statistics about this truly international day of love:

  • Every year, 180 million people across the world express their love on Valentine’s Day with cards.
  • Approximately US$1.5 billion worth of chocolate is sold in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  • 200 million Valentine’s Day flowers are delivered, 115 million of which are red roses.
  • 75 percent of Valentine’s Day flowers are (unsurprisingly) bought by men.
  • Wives and partners are the most common recipients of flowers but mothers and daughters also receive bouquets on this day.

Number of Valentine’s Day Roses

Long-stemmed roses are the most elegant way to express your feelings on Valentine’s Day. The question then becomes, “How many roses should be in the bouquet?”

Alternately, you could opt for a flower box. The scent of the preserved roses in a flower box can last years, alluding to the timeless nature of your relationship.

Valentine’s Day is, of course, the most popular day of the year to send flowers. But who doesn’t like flowers out of the blue? There is no need to wait for February 14 – send her your love, floating on the scent of fresh roses today.


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The M FLORIST in me
I have always loved flowers. In fact, they provide a dash of colour to some of my earliest memories from childhood. When I look back, I am so thankful for the softness and joy that they have brought into my life.
In a way, that wonderful childhood put me firmly on the career path to becoming a certified florist in the online florist – M FLORIST. Sometimes, when I look around and see the jobs that my friends and family hold, I am very thankful that my world is one of the scents, hues and dignified grace of flowers.
It is hard for me to even imagine not being a part of this world every single day.
The Life of a Florist
A love of flowers is, of course, essential if you aspire to be a florist. If you have a green thumb, that is a great advantage. Many professional florists have degrees in Botany but I have found that some of the most talented people in the industry simply have a natural gift for nurturing beautiful things. Those with a keen eye for design and visual presentation tend to be the best floral arrangement artists. I have the privilege of working with some of them at M FLORIST every day. You cannot go wrong with a Fine Arts degree as a floral arrangement specialist but, just like Botany, it is not necessary; an appreciation of aesthetics is.
[en]Best Flower Delivery Hong Kong Flower Bouquet[zh]網上訂花,送花服務
Our role as florists is often as the intermediary of emotions. We convey thoughts and feelings through the flowers and gifts that we deliver. Most times, it is happiness and friendship, joy and love. Sometimes, it is sadness, too. What a privilege it is that so any people trust us with these intimate moments of their lives. At M FLORIST, we strive to live up to your expectations and treat every moment we share with the dignity it deserves.
It is always great to be recognised for something you are passionate about. The entire M FLORIST team is elated to have been included in a list of the best online florists or best flower delivery by the following reviews.
We see our inclusion as quite an honour and a testament to our commitment to excellence.
‘Tis the season and we are gearing up for the massive demand for beautiful flowers that the festive season always brings. Have you made your booking already?